Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that..." Martin Luther King Jr.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that..."Martin Luther King Jr. 

Nourishing Life



Nourishing Life


Gillian Wagner

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Let’s put a pause in our day. 

Take the time and space to access deeper levels of yourself through the energy breath while receiving the healing effects of taoist yoga. This practice will relax your nervous system and help you experience a deep feeling of inner calm and peace.






Taoist Yoga (activating your Qi)


Daoyin practice was also referred to as Yangsheng 養生 in ancient times, which literally means “nourishing life.”.

It is the infinite rhythm of our cosmos that every aspect of our life adheres to. It is the vibration of the electrons in atoms, the rotation of the earth and its revolution around the sun, the changing of the seasons and the rhythmic breath and heartbeat that keeps us alive and animated. The Tao comprises two opposite but interdependent aspects called Yin and yang. Yang is the sun, the fervent, aggressive, powerful aspect of the universe. Yin is the shade, the nurturing, maternal and gentle aspect of the universe. The underlying governing agent of Tao is Qi or the Underlying Vital Energy of all Life and the Universe. The idea of Qi, which is inherently Chinese, is similar to the Yogic term Prana which is from India. It is nice to see how two very different cultures can share an idea that is so pivotal to each of their traditional spiritual practices and ways of understanding reality. Both Hatha Yoga and Taoist Yoga have different exercises, philosophies and breathing techniques, but the underlying foundation practice is very similar in regards to the shared practice of 'The Three Regulations.


Tao Yin Yoga (Three Regulations) 

Tao Yin is the cultivation and understanding of Tao through soft, gentle, healing and nourishing exercises. The early Taoists developed many practices geared toward keeping themselves healthy and prolonging their life so they could spend more time practicing, studying and meditating to understand the deepest aspects of Tao.

The postures and exercises of Taoist Yoga are unique and generally have no relation to Hatha Yoga. In regards to the similarity of Hatha Yoga and Taoist Yoga we may look to the fundamental teaching of the 'Three Regulations' in traditional Taoist Yoga Doctrine. These are the 'Regulation of Posture', 'Regulation of Breath', and 'Regulation of Heart/Mind'. It can be viewed that Hatha Yoga also shares the practice of these Three Regulations, and herein lie their similarity.


Yoga Breath 

Taoist Yoga has at its core a unique and special process of Breath Training. The Taoist Yoga Breath Training will generally go through Three Stages of Development that are termed:

1. Natural Breathing - After Heaven Quality -

2. Reversed Breathing - Before Heaven Quality -

3. Fetal Breathing - Before, Before Heaven Quality -

Each Taoist Yoga stage of breathing can have generally 9 methods that are put into application and training such as:

inhale from nose/exhale from nose,

inhale from nose, exhale from mouth,

inhale from mouth/exhale from mouth, breathing through energetic points,

breathing through energetic channels,

subtle refined breathing, and so on...



Vital Energy (personal truth)

One unique quality of Taoist Yoga is the  developing and nurturing of the Vital Energy. The benefit of this training and nurturing of the Vital Energy results in a long history of practitioners gaining amazing self healing, self rejuvenation of the body, and longevity.

The way for a person to realize his or her own personal truth must be taught in an individual way. Focus must be placed on teaching how a person can come to understand truth and beauty through pure and simple means. There is no harm in leading all people to the secrets that have been unfairly protected through dogma over the past centuries. The nature of the Tao is to change, move and be spontaneous. Therefore no one teaching can hold the secrets to the Tao. It will be different for each person at different times in his or her life.





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About Gillian

Gillian Wagner believes that all of the wisdom and answers we seek lie within us.


She teaches Power, Restorative, Therapeutic and Meditative classes, ultimately encouraging her students to access their own passion, wholeness, and freedom. Gillian is the author of two successful DVD's and continues to create and host a wide range of workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and online videos. 


"I love yoga, because it helps create space, physically, mentally and emotionally and helps people live more passionate and abundant lives." 

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We can’t wait to spend some time with you!

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