Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
glow your own way
glow your own way





Ob Sie ein Lehrer sind, oder ein Schüler, der Ihre Praxis vertiefen möchte; unsere Workshops, Fortbildungen und Retreats informieren und inspirieren sie.

KATONAH YOGA® 30 Hour INTENSIVE March 28 -31  2019

The Katonah practice will help develop a sense of personal measure, potentiate your journey and add to the well-being of your community.



BUDOKAN YOGA® & Mixed Movement Arts  6. April,  2019  

"Budokon begeistert und fordert durch seine vielfältigen Bewegungsarten, seine zeitgenössische Philosophie..."


LIVING IN HARMONY mit Gillian               April 10  2019

The principles of the DAO challenge us to release our personal grasp on reality and attune ourselves to the universal laws of nature.



INSIDE FLOW Special mit DORO              April 22  2019

Eine dynamische Stunde im Fluss, ohne Anfang, ohne Ende a la Jung Ho Kim.



GELASSENHEIT DURCH ACHSAMKEIT mit Heide Fischer Starttermin 28.04.2019

Achtsamkeit zur Stressreduktion hilft die Wahrnehmung wieder zu verschärfen.. 



FREE YOUR WILD HEART, a Katonah Inspired Yoga Retreat  13-18 May 2019

A yoga trip to the Canary Islands for your body, your soul and all of your senses .
Learing to adjust, tune-in and add your voice to the orchestra of life is part of the material of Katonah Yoga.



THERAPEUTIC ADJUSTMENTS PART I  with Ari Halbert  May 25 & 26, 2019

A skillful adjustment can truly transform someone's perspective, changing the way they look at themselves and reshaping the lens with which they see the world.

the Katonah® Weave mit Andrea und Gillian         29.06 & 30.06.2019

Designing classes that feel authentic and developing vernacular that you can use to cue your students are two of the main topics being addressed



FORM INFORMS FLOW - a 10 Hour Katonah Intensive with Clare Lim and Aaron Martin August 17 & 18

"Form informs flow. Flow deepens form". - Nevine Michaan

In this Katonah Yoga Intensive, we cover concepts and the development of an eye for people in poses, to become better attuned, aligned, in the practice.


RADIANT LIVING a Mini Retreat with Lisa Dunn October 3 - 5

Lisa joins us from England, to bring us a mini-retreat for longevity and RADIANT living. Spend some time with Lisa and harness the secrets of a long, happy life!

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