Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
glow your own way
glow your own way

FORM INFORMS FLOW  -   10 Hour Intensive                17.08 & 18.08.2019  with Clare & Aaron

A Katonah® Yoga Program

with Clare Lim and Aaron Martin 

"Form informs flow. Flow deepens form". - Nevine Michaan, Founder of Katonah Yoga, New York
As the leading teachers of Katonah Yoga in Asia, Clare and Aaron will be coming to Lumines, fresh from presenting their personal insights of the Katonah material at Yoga Journal China’s conference in Guang Zhou.

This 10 hour training is creditable towards the 200 hour Katonah Yoga certification.


Katonah® Yoga 10 Hour Intensive


Saturday August 17  12:00pm - 5:00pm &

Sunday August 18 1:00pm - 6:00pm.



300,- Euro (Early Bird until 31. July 250,- Euro)



Lumines Yoga, Kronberg

Organizing Time
Each day will follow as below:
1h Practice 

1.5-2h Adjustments 

1h-1.5h Discussion/Lecture 

1h Restorative or Pranayama Practice, and Readings/Q+A)


FORM INFORMS FLOW (Katonah Yoga Vinyasa Flow)

Clare and Aaron come from a diverse, athletic background. Below are core values that inform how they do anything, and therefore inform how this teacher training will be led.

All yoga is good.

In fact, all movement is good. All experiences bring insights. We encourage everyone in
the room to leverage their strengths, use their previous experiences to their advantage, cross-reference it all with what we share, and leave with their own insights, their own step functions (ways to move forward).

Yes, and..

it is important for us that Katonah Yoga concepts and teachings make sense in your practice, in your teaching, and add to what you do. Developing a ‘yes, and...’ culture in our teacher trainings is important, as people come to the room having had different experiences. ‘Yes, and,’ to us, applies to all
conversations in the room, and brings joy to us all.

Appropriating Katonah Yoga to unique cultures

As Katonah Yoga teachers based in Asia, we have had our fair share of weird yet insightful experiences teaching the material... Asians, and particularly those coming from traditional Chinese cultures, can tend to shy away from eye contact and touch, and when fears and limiting beliefs are strong in a room that is when injuries can happen. We’ve learned to package and brand the material to match our audiences where they are at. And from bizarre experiences, we now love coming up with creative solutions to present the material, to different audiences, age groups. If this topic is one you can relate to, please do come with your questions, or better yet write us at

Day 1 - an adjustment-heavy day

FORM INFORMS FLOW (Katonah Yoga Vinyasa Flow)
Vinyasa Yoga is wonderful, dynamic, fluid. Vinyasa means ‘to flow’, and to flow is fun when one is well- versed in a practice. In this Katonah Yoga session, we cover concepts and the developing of an eye for people in poses, to become better attuned, aligned, in the practice.

Following our first session, Yoga As Origami, we explore how the poses, through Katonah Yoga alignment, link to one another. For bodies that have a hard time opening up, we provide structural support through hands on adjustment techniques, to open up where one needs to open up. For bodies that are mobile and move around well, we explore boundaries that allow for more freedom, fewer injuries.

Day 2 - Cross-referencing

Yes, And...’
Cross-referencing Katonah Yoga Theory with different yoga and movement teachings and practices, seeing Katonah Yoga in everything. There are so many types of movement, yet Nevine has told us many times, that they are all the same. Nevine often reminds us that it is important to include athleticism and dynamic movement in
Yoga. Specifically, she has said, that ‘we cannot take gymnastics out of yoga.’

We will look specifically at simple acrobatic transitions that can bring more joy to one’s yoga practice - the handstand to wheel, the cartwheel to handstand.

We will explore safe spotting, atune these movements in transition to Katonah Yoga’s
Perfect for vinyasa yoga practitioners and teachers, who want to explore. 

70% practice, 30% theory
Involves partner work for adjustments, measurements and explore lots of progressions and regressions, to give practitioners of all levels something to play with.



About Clare
Clare is a ERYT500, and has been part of the Katonah Yoga community for 5 years. Clare began teaching yoga in 2012, while finishing her studies in Dance. She studied directly under Nevine Michaan, and was also inspired by Abbie Galvin and Adrian Galvin.
Other than practising and teaching Katonah Yoga, Clare passion lies in building brands, running businesses, and cross-references Nevine’s teachings with conventional business strategy.

About Aaron
Originally a student of Philosophy from Frankfurt, Germany, Aaron is a Parkour and Acrobatics professional, who transitioned from performance and stuntwork, to education. Aaron was introduced to Katonah Yoga in 2016,
and continually cross-references Nevine’s teachings with Strength, Mobility, Acrobatics-based knowledge.