Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
glow your own way
glow your own way


Dragon Flow


Experience the flow of Tao energy .....

Dragon Flow is comprised of two opposite but interdependent aspects called Yin and yang. Yang is the sun, the fervent, aggressive, powerful aspect of the universe. Yin is the shade, the nurturing, maternal and gentle aspect of the universe. The idea of Qi, which is inherently Chinese, is similar to the Yogic term Prana which is from India. Both refer to the underlying vital energy of all life and the universe. 
You will learn to regulate your breath to a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong, for mobility, strength, balance and the discovery of your own unique fountain of energy.
The "Dragon Flow" is designed to stimulate and remove blockages from your energy flow (Qi or Prana) through awareness, breath regulation and vigorous movements.
Learning the “dragon” will challenge you both physically and mentally and at some point you may experience the dragon’s fire (when you begin to sweat).
This class leaves you invigorated and well-balanced.
Du erlernst deinen Atem zu regulieren aus einer Mischung aus Tai Chi, Yoga und Qigong, für Mobilität, Kraft, Gleichgewicht und die Entdeckung Deiner eigenen einzigartigen Energiequelle.
Der "Dragon Flow" wurde entwickelt, um Blockaden aus Deinem Energiefluss (Qi oder Prana) durch Bewusstseinsbildung, Atemregulierung und kräftige Bewegungen zu stimulieren und zu beseitigen.
Wenn Du den „Drachen“ erlernst, wirst Du geistig herausgefordert und zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt kannst Du das Feuer des Drachen erleben (schweißtreibend)!
Diese Klasse enegetisiert und führt zu innere Balance.​



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Gillian Wagner believes that all of the wisdom and answers we seek lie within us.


She teaches Power, Restorative, Therapeutic and Meditative classes, ultimately encouraging her students to access their own passion, wholeness, and freedom. Gillian is the author of two successful DVD's and continues to create and host a wide range of workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and online videos. 


"I love yoga, because it helps create space, physically, mentally and emotionally and helps people live more passionate and abundant lives." 

Cost: €22, Für Mitglied und Flexi Pass kein extra Gebühr

Space is limited to 16 yogis, so sign-up fast before we sell-out!


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Trial Pass erwerben für €42,00

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