Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
Achtsamkeit in der Familie – eine Herzensangelegenheit   19., 26. Februar 2017 jeweils von 17.00 - 19:15 Uhr doors open 16:30
glow your own way
glow your own way

KATONAH YOGA®  30 Hour INTENSIVE  with Dages Juvelier Keates  - November 14 -17  2019        

"finding center, circumference and the space between" -Nevine Michaan


As a senior teacher and author, Dages' articulation of the material is imaginitive, descriptive and entertaining.


Dages Juvelier Keates is recognized as senior teacher in the Katonah methodology developed over the past forty years by Nevine Michaan. She has recently published a seminal text on the Katonah practice, “Radical Acts of Embodiment.”
KATONAH YOGA®  was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, sacred geometries, pranayama, and meditation.
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Lumines Yoga, Hainstr. 5, Kronberg, Germany 
This workshop will be taught in English.

Dages has been teaching yoga for seventeen years and has had time to try to help, make mistakes, learn skills, and refine her techniques. She is known for her intense and imaginative pranayama teaching, which she applies to group and private classes.


Private yoga sessions constitute the great majority of her teaching, and she has worked with an eclectic swath of New Yorkers during her career, from hedge fund managers to homemakers to hockey players.


Beginning in 2002, her studies have earned her accreditations in both the Bihar and Kundalini lineages. Her syncratic teaching style has been profoundly impacted by immersion in studies with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga.
Recent collaborations include a series of workshops with Elena Brower, and retreats and teacher trainings with veteran Katonah teacher Abbie Galvin, Sacred Fig founder Anton Brandt, and SKY TING co-founder Chloe Kernaghan in Bali, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Panama, Morocco, Switzerland, and Vancouver.


"Dages lives the practices of yoga and brings great intelligence, precision, and heart to her work. Her articulation of the principles renders these ancient teachings accessible and downright helpful to us all." - Elena Brower


She has recently authored “Radical Acts of Embodiment: Teaching and Practices of Katonah Yoga.”



This workshop will introduce you to core Katonah practices and philosophy. Expect rigorous practice, hands on adjustments, exploration of restorative set ups, and our signature approach to pranayama.

We will also take time to dive into the theoretical principles for rewiring neurology in the interest of more vital embodiment

Some Katonah principals include: use of the magic square, wraps for rapture, the body as the magical abode, origami for bodies, reflections and revolutions.


850 EUR (early bird: 750 EUR before September 30th, 2019)
Payment of full rate is required when registering.
875 EUR with a Payment Plan: Payment of 250 EUR is required when registering, Balance of 625 EUR  is due on or before October 31, 2019.
Cancellations are valid up to 30 days prior to the training with a 50% refund.
This 30 Hour Katonah Yoga® Intensive will be led by Dages Juvelier Keates and is hosted by Gillian Wagner /Lumines Yoga.
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“the Katonah Weave" - A Katonah Inspired Yoga Program with Andrea Sauter assisted by Gillian Wagner” - This program is for you if you have been studying the Katonah practice and are eager to weave the material into your classes. Designing classes that feel authentic and developing vernacular that you can use to cue your students are two of the main topics being addressed here. Embody your understanding of "the Material" and use your imagination to create recipes that work for you and your students both on and off the mat.
Questions? Send an email to:

“This woman seriously knows her sh*t (Katonah Yoga)! But the real magic lies in how Dages expresses the material, so imaginative and thoughtful that you can’t help but let it absorb into your bones.”

“Dages is a master of both Katonah material and teaching in general. I felt like I received 15 hours of personal therapeutic attention from both Dages and my fellow students - all so eager learn the material and practice on each other. What a truly magical and enlightening weekend. More, please!”

“This training was informative, evocative, and transformative. The manual is an incredible compilation of maps, theory, images, and practical guidance that I will continue to reference. Dages's unparalleled energy brings together a remarkable group of individuals. As we moved through the intricacies of guiding and experiencing the therapeutic work of the private, Dages skillfully held space, assisted everyone, and kept good humor running throughout. She is knowledgeable and witty; her passion for this material is invigorating. By the end of the weekend, I felt grounded in community, and excited to make use of the information absorbed throughout the weekend. So grateful!”

"This training exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The wealth of knowledge and passion that Dages has for this practice is undeniable. This training will expand not only your teaching, but the lens in which you see the world."
"Nevine had recommended I seek out Dages and take her workshops and classes. I am so grateful that I had listened to Nevine. After the training, I feel a stronger sense of understanding to the Katonah philosophy in my mind, my body, my practice and my teachings. Everyone has their own way of teaching and translating, I’m so appreciative to Dages for sharing her vast knowledge, personal philosophies and her presence. She has a gift for teaching and an ability to make some of the more complicated Katonah teachings accessible and approachable.”


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