the Breath of the Magic Square                

Donnerstag den 26. September, 2019  18:00-19:00Uhr


Nevine Michaan, creator of Katonah Yoga®, developed the technique of integrating the Lo Shu Magic Square into meditation and hatha yoga practice. The Magic Square can be used like a compass and a map to orient ourselves in our bodies and our bodies in space and time. It provides a framework and a boundary to reference and cross reference our physical practice as it grows.

When I travel with the breath, I am also interested in what doesn't show up. Where do I loose the path of visualisation? Which room do I sense a need for space?


We will learn to breath through the magic square which can become a self-soothing home practice. A go-to manual, for making life decisions, for facing challenges that come your way and for experiencing this massive phenomenon we are all a part of together.


Note:  Glyphs and Maps copyright and courtesy of Nevine Michaan​ ​/​ ​Susan Fierro


The Breath of the Magic Square with Gillian


Donnerstag den 26. September, 18:00 -19:00 Uhr


Tuition: 25,00 € member 20,00 €




Lumines Yoga, Kronberg



"The magic square is an ancient Chinese grid of numbers, whose relations form a mathematical pattern of integrity and fluency." - Nevine Michaan

When we envision nine squares of a cube, as reference to the place we live, we can shift our imagination to rooms of a house; each room having its own character and purpose.
When we imagine this grid as a map for our body, the very personal abode, information emerges about the direction of our intensions, where we are in time and space, which way we are facing, what we are attending to and what we are missing.

In this short introduction we will explore how to use the magic square as a tool, gaining insight from the map, in order to develop a clearer picture of ourselves. We will breath through the body using the magic square, allowing us to navigate the internal space, engaging our first and second nature to develop our third nature, that which is not seen.

Learning the path of the magic square is a technique to gain stability, manipulate energy and fuel our imagination. Ultimately we are trying to become more embodied and enjoy a well assimilated life.

The workshop includes a copy of Nevine's Magic Square, which we will use as an additional map to explore.

Gillian  has been practicing yoga since she was 16 and has been a yoga teacher for almost 30 years.

"Yoga has captivated me for so many years because of the potential for pure poetry of movement, the philosophy which gives wings to a more assimilated life and the community it inspires.“ 




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