Every year, Gillian immerses herself in a research project, to select extra-special-locations, where she can share her teachings, yoga and love for nature and delicious food. Surrounded by nature, a wonderful climate, with the special, friendly people of the carefully chosen venues, we can relax as a group while embarking on an adventure....


free your wild heart

Tenerife May 13 - May 18


Gillian teams up with the fabulous Lisa Dunn to offer you an unforgettable yoga retreat to regenerate and enjoy.

How can you soothe yourself yet still become become empowered? Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you will be given tools to practice and inform your body and spirit. Learn how to recognize your patterns, your habits, so that you can reorganize and restructure yourself to enhance your wellbeing. 


Comfortable rooms, delicious organic meals, hiking through nature und much more await you at this retreat.We will be staying in the most wonderful and magical place in Tenerife - the canyon of Masca! Mysterious, magical energy, incredibly scenic, breathtaking views. 

FALL 2019

radiant living for longevity

Kronberg October 3 - 5


A yoga mini-retreat with the fabulous Lisa Dunn, to harness the secrets of living a long, happy and healthy life.

We’ve all heard the old adage of putting on your own oxygen mask first. So many people deplete themselves for the sake of others, when by taking care of their own needs first, they would actually be able to serve better.